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I have always felt as if I was born with a pencil in my hand and a natural affinity towards bringing to life the animals and people of the American West in my detailed drawings.  These subjects are the definition of what freedom is to me. Is there anything that represents freedom more than a Sioux warrior atop his prized horse racing across the open plains or the bugling call of an elk searching for a mate or the skill and determination of a vaquero on his bridle horse driving his herd toward home? I reside in a charming East Coast town where open spaces and farms still exist yet the call of the west is always pulling me.

I studied fine art in college, but feel that my talent is natural and has blossomed under the mentorship of internationally acclaimed artist, Krystii Melaine. I’ve spent years traveling the Western US visiting historic sites, attending cultural events, shows, meeting people and absorbing Western heritage.

My works usually start with images I've taken during one of these trips, then evolve into compositions in which light against dark and fine details are the primary focus. It is the fine details that my clients and collectors most often remark about when they see my artwork. It is usually the first thing that draws a person to my work. They are always amazed by it.

While I have mainly worked in pencil I have recently begun working in pastel and am thoroughly enjoying thinking in color.  The smoothness and color of pastel and the precision of the pencil result in the viewer seeing an “energy” in my detailed art.

To me, art is a synthesis of my emotions, a subject that inspires me and my materials and techniques. Realism is my primary goal. I want my subjects to look as though they will come to life and leap off the paper.
Maria D'Angelo - Fine Art
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